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Q. What is life?

A. The meaning of life is a burning question that has inspired some of the greatest art and literature figures, fueled heated debates between believers and atheists, and has been one of the greatest existential questions of all time…So you are in good company asking it! ☺ How can purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life be found? How can something of lasting significance be achieved? There is no one answer for this – each person needs to look inside themselves to see what this could mean for them. It’s not like learning the right answer on a test or found in a textbook.

What we can say is that recent research shows that people who feel that their life has meaning, experience a much higher sense of well-being and even physical health. Michael Steger, a psychologist and Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Meaning and Quality of Life at Colorado State University, found that many people gain a great deal of psychological benefit from understanding what their lives are about, and how they fit within the world around them. His research demonstrates that people who have a sense of life meaning and purpose, feel in general more happy, as well as more satisfied on a daily level. They also feel less depressed, anxious, and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

What research also tells us, is that it does not matter how you get this sense of meaning and purpose in life. What is most important is that you experience your life as having a meaning and purpose. The key question is not “What is the meaning of life?” In fact, research seems to show that there is no one clear answer to this question. The only question that matters is, “What is the meaning of life for you?” Each of us is free to form his or her own answer to this question. By doing so, you get a personal sense of life meaning and purpose, and thus gain a better sense of your own personal goals by establishing the meaning for your life on your own.

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” – Alan Watts

Check out this video to hear what others have to say on the meaning of life. You are in a good place asking this question. By just being inquisitive and willing to ask questions means you are on the right path! Feel free to visit back to BeWell for any further discussion. We are always here for you!