Q. How can I not be as stressed or just not be stressed in general? Help me not be stressed. (Stress)

A. Teens deal with heavy amounts of stress on a daily basis. Stress is a real and valid feeling and can have serious impacts on your health if not dealt with.

 Step 1: Identify your Stress

·      Do you find yourself getting upset about little things?

·      Do you tend to overreact to situations?

·      Do you feel jittery or have feelings of shakiness?

·      Do you find it hard to calm down when something upsets you?

 Step 2: Figure out what stresses you out?

You’re a teen and you’ve got a lot going on. Are you in a relationship? Are you and your girlfriend/boyfriend fighting? Do you have a lot of homework or important test coming up? How’s everything at home? Is family stressing you out? Do you feel crowded and just want space? How are your relationships with your friends? Are you getting ready to move to a new place? Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

Step 3: Identify ways you can cope (deal) with your stress?

What calms you? What activities do you like to do? Try choosing activities that distract you. Do you enjoy playing video games? Playing Basketball? Dancing? Talking with you friends?

Everyone copes differently. It’s all about what works best for you.

 Step 4: Come up with a stress management plan

Do you find yourself often stressed because you waited last minute to study for a test or do homework? Moving forward try and organize your tasks. Are you stressed by all of the activities you’re in involved in? Cut back on some things. It’s okay to say no.

 Step 5: Make some changes

Sometimes stress is affected by the foods you eat, how much sleep you get, and how often you exercise. Try getting more sleep, drinking less caffeine, and getting more exercise. I know exercise doesn’t sound fun, but doing something small like taking a walk around the block a few times can make a huge difference

 If you feel like your stress is getting in the way of you being able to complete your schoolwork or live a happy life reach out to someone. We have plenty of people to talk to at BeWell or we can connect you to someone in your community. For more information contact